The Power of SIGINT

As a youngish engineer in the 1980s I’d already had plenty of experience in exploiting the properties of communications signals to solve complex problems. I’d been responsible for planning and executing the in-orbit testing of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) first 3-axis stabilised Ku-Band communications satellites, OTS and ECS. In-orbit testing is a very different […]

Put A Rocket Under Your Website

It’s taken a few years putting together this 40+ page website and carrying out ongoing site updates and maintenance. Gradually, the website became slower and slower to load and that fact didn’t really dawn on me until I recently received a tweet from a long-time tweep colleague, Cinnamon Carter (@Cinnamon_Carter). Always succinct and to the […]

What is 4G? Do you know?

It’s not often that I stray into the broader world of telecommunications, but I was so impressed with this article by Mark Gregory in “The Conversation” that I wanted to share it in its entirety. For those of you who want a peek behind the ‘4G’ acronym without being sucked into a morass of technical […]

50 Years Ago Today – The Birth of Satellite Communications

10th July 1962 marked the birth of satellite communications. Exactly 50 years ago today the Telstar satellite commenced its journey into space from Cape Canaveral and became the first ever active commercial communications satellite. It carried the first live trans-Atlantic TV broadcasts. These days, satellite launches are commonplace and polar orbits, MEO orbits, Molniya orbits, […]

New Asia-Pacific Editor for SatMagazine + MilsatMagazine

Well, I guess the time has arrived for me to come in from the cold and own up to who I really am! I’m Dr Bob Gough, managing director of Carrick Communications Ltd, and I’ve just been appointed as the Asia-Pacific Editor for SatMagazine and MilsatMagazine. These are published monthly by the long-established Satnews Publishers, […]

Help Save Goonhilly Earth Station Complex

Everybody’s heard of Goonhilly, haven’t they? No? I’m amazed, so here’s the story of a piece of UK National and technological heritage and why it desperately needs your support right now. There’s an urgent petition to the UK Government which needs to be considered and, if agreed with, then signed by all people who do […]

Prologue : Satellite Spy’s First Blog Post

How do you start a blog that you know will go on for years? My answer: Dive in at the deep end! This is the book I’ve wanted to write for years, but organising a book, spending months getting everything organised and in the right order is just plain boring. When, if ever, it’s finished […]