The Space Race

I have to thank my friend and relation Chris Benson for putting this unique package of videos together. I just quote from what he sent me: “I just watched a 2005 BBC documentary on the Space Race. I thought it was superb – I thought I knew all of that stuff, but I didn’t – […]

Radar Wars

Not my usual sort of post, but this just had to be shared. Believe me, this could well be true. I could recount some similar, real situations – but then they’d have to shoot me! Attribution: I always like to acknowledge, reference and attribute things which I put into posts, if possible. On researching this […]

Oh Deer – The MX Missile, a Flying Coffin and the Twin Towers

The anniversary of the atrocity committed against the USA has triggered memories of a day some 30 years ago which culminated in a picture-perfect flight into NYC’s La Guardia airport, the approach being down the Hudson River with a sharp turn to port across Manhattan onto the final approach. A stunning afternoon view of Manhattan […]